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February at St. Clement’s

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

February is shaping up to be an exciting month at St. Clement’s!

We’re two weeks into OMG Tuesdays, with 50 participants; we’re one week into our next round of small groups, with 40 participants; we’re queuing up the launch of our new website and URL next week; we’re integrating the final audio components for livestreaming and amplifying our worship experience; and we’re holding our vestry meeting at month’s end.

We are also pleased to announce the reopening of our physical building to public worship on Sunday, February 13.

Our Anglican Diocese of Toronto has determined that its parishes will return to “local option.” Those parishes who wish to re-open for in-person worship may do so using its previously issued safety guidelines, while those who wish to continue worshipping online are commended and upheld for their decision.

Highlights of our safety guidelines include:

  • All persons present must be masked at all times, regardless of role.

  • Attendance is limited to that which can be accommodated with physical distancing, up to 50% of total

  • capacity.

  • Congregational singing is permitted, but will be limited.

  • There is no vaccine mandate for attendance at Sunday services. However, anyone serving in any paid or volunteer capacity must show proof of vaccination.

  • Pre-registration is required via the link shared with the community each Monday, and found on our website.

  • Self-screening for all covid symptoms will continue to be rigorously upheld.

February Sundays at a glance:

February 6

  • 9:30 am Church at Home

  • 11 am Livestream

February 13

  • 9:30 am Church at Home

  • 11 am Launch of In-person* & Livestream

*distribution of our Vestry Book and financial materials

February 20

  • 9:30 am Church at Home

  • 11 am In-person & Livestream

February 27

  • 10 am combined In-person & Livestream

  • 11:15 am Online Annual General Meeting (aka Vestry)


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