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We are developing a growing network of small groups as spaces for prayer, study, and belonging.


We’ve been grasping a deeper calling to be the church: in our homes and neighbourhoods, in our places of work and play. Inter-generational by design, our small groups are a safe space to grow and practice Jesus’s way of love in a circle of others who are learning too.

Interested in joining a small group?

To ask questions and find out more, please reach out to our Rector, Andrew Federle.

“Andrew's leadership creates a safe, open and respectful space to discuss matters that are very important to me, with others who are also on the Christian journey. Their insights, struggles and strengths have been very encouraging and helpful.” 

“This time together touched on some really important topics for me: prayer, faith, living a God-filled life, being authentic and faithful in my faith, and being deliberate in steps to grow in faith.”

“Being with a community of people who want to get to know me so that together we can learn and walk with Christ more faithfully is something I look forward to each week. ”

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