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Welcome Back from your wardens

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Thankful to see your faces

We are so grateful to see familiar faces back in pews. In addition to this personal presence, we are able to reach even further into our community through the incredible teamwork that has enabled our livestreaming.

This live-stream capability allows parishioners and guests to access our service, no matter where they are located. Just recently we were able to include over 100 people at a funeral service, with most family members tuning in from South Africa.

Financial Update

When setting our 2021 financial plans, we knew that Covid would continue to have a negative impact and we planned for it. Unfortunately, donations are down even more than we anticipated, leaving us $124k short in our revenue. An offset to this shortfall has been a reduction in expenses of $61k which leaves us at $63k short of our plan as of the end of September.

In looking for bright lights, we saw a slight increase in donations in September and hope that our fall pledge campaign can help us bridge more of that gap. Your support helps us keep up the work we do both within and outside of this community, especially in these times where Covid has had such a financial impact on those we look to support.

Thanks to our volunteers and staff for sharing your vaccination status!

And a big thank you to Rosalee for taking on the challenge of verifying the vaccination status of all our volunteers and staff as required by the Diocese.

The deadline for providing proof of vaccination has passed and we consider this initiative to be complete with almost 100 verifications that will contribute to keeping our St. Clement’s community safe.

65 St. Clement’s Ave

All required work and repairs have been completed at 65 St. Clement’s Ave. and will be listed for rental shortly.

A new website before year’s end

As St. Clement’s continues to grow and change, so does our website. We are aiming to launch our new sire in late November. Our new website will give us a greater level of security and will be on a platform that is simpler to update as the site becomes the hub of all our communications.

We are grateful to partner with you in our shared mission of learning to follow Jesus Christ.

- Your Warden Team

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