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The Power of Small Groups

Paul Hicks

I have been involved in small groups for over 20 years. When we lived in Unionville, our small group was made up of five newly married couples ranging in age from 26 – 35. We would read scripture, discuss how it applied to our lives and help each other work through the challenges of life as a newly married couple. We met as a small group for about 10 years. Just last weekend, we got together with few of these couples who have become life-long friends, and looked back on how far we’ve come and the amazing ways God has worked in all our lives.

Then we moved to midtown and started attending St. Clements Church. We got our kids involved in the children’s ministry, I joined a Sides Team and we began integrating ourselves into the community. We still felt like something was missing, until small groups started up.

We have been leading a small group for about 3 years now and while this one looks a little different, it fills our hearts with purpose and fulfillment, just like the one in Unionville. We are a multi-generational group and the beauty of our small group is the different perspectives everyone brings to the conversation. Each person pulls something unique from the passage and our discussion becomes a melting pot of ideas and insights. It’s a safe place to share what you believe, questions you have and insights that challenge us to lean in and hear what God is saying to us.

The best part about our small group? I love the last 10 minutes where we share prayer requests for what we are grateful for, our worries, and people or situations on our minds and hearts. Being able to pray for others and knowing people are praying for you is powerful.

As we reflect on the impact of small groups in our lives, Katherine and I want to express deep gratitude to the St. Clement's community. Your commitment to fostering a culture of connection, spiritual growth, and support has made Small Groups possible for so many individuals and families. We are immensely grateful for the role each of you plays in sustaining this vital aspect of our community.

If you are seeking a new way to deepen your connection with God and the St Clement’s community, I encourage you to give a small group a try. You have nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain.



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