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Lenten Outreach Week 2: Refugees

St. Clement's parish has a long and very generous history of supporting refugees from other countries in turmoil including displaced persons from Vietnam, Somalia, Syria and Eritrea, just to name a few. Now with the withdrawal of US and other Western militaries from Afghanistan and the resurgence of the Taliban rule in August 2021, hundreds of thousands of Afghans are seeking resettlement in other countries.

In addition, the Russian attack on Ukraine has led to more than 2 million Ukrainians tragically seeking refuge in other countries and to secure their homeland. We want to be in a position to support the resettlement of refugees. Hopefully we will welcome many into Canada.

By donating to Outreach - Refugees you will give us the wherewithal to continue working on these initiatives. Your donations will go directly to refugee support as well as to the agencies which enable resettlement, such as AURA (Anglican United Refugee Alliance)

If you have a preference for donating for Afghans or Ukrainians or other supports, please indicate so on your donation. Elsewhere in this Anchor you will see the ways to donate. Thank you to all of you have already responded. Your donations bring hope to those who struggle.

Click here for the full Lenten brochure.


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