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Don’t Forget us Over the Summer – Why I Give to St. Clement’s

Summer offers us a chance to pause, rejuvenate and relax! Our staff will be doing some of that and we hope you will be too. But please don’t forget us. The day-to-day maintenance and business of the church does not take a break and often summer donations do.

Please remember these easy ways to donate:

1. By Pre-Authorized Giving (PAG) – this is a win, win! – it takes the work out of remembering to donate each month for you and we receive your generous donations each month – Click here and take 3 minutes to register .

2. By (also, you are able to set-up automatic withdrawals)

3. By cheque or cash, which can be delivered to our secured locked mailbox by the St. Clement’s entrance

4. To learn about these and other ways to donate, please click here or go to the donate page of our website –

Click here to hear about why Anne Brace and Sean Martin give to St. Clement’s.

Click here to hear about why Westmore Smith and Pat Crawford give to St. Clement’s.

Click here or scan the QR code to hear about why Paul Hicks and Leonard Wong give to St. Clement’s.


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