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Your support has made our plans for sustained growth possible!

In late May, we held a Special Vestry to seek your support for beginning to move some of our Giving for Growth priorities forward in the 2024 calendar year. With the significant support and influence of our church community, we received your positive feedback on proposed priorities.

The Immediate Priorities needed to be done include the following:

· Engineering Study

· A/V (audio-visual) Coordinator

· Organ Repair

· The CNH (Canon Nicholson Hall) Kitchen

· The Early Learning School Washing Kitchen

· Lift Repair

· Contingency

· Debt Repayment

· Safety Code Compliance

· Capital Repairs

The Proposed Priorities to be done include the following:

· Capital Repairs

· Debt Repayment

· Sanctuary Microphones

· A/V (audio-visual) Equipment

· The Early Learning School Upgrades

· Contingency

Once the background for our priorities was shared during Vestry, the motion passed was:Be it resolved that Vesty approve expenditures from the Giving for Growth Campaign, as presented and subject to such adjustments as may be deemed necessary or appropriate by the Wardens, to the lower of available cash received and $1,435,000.

We are incredibly grateful for the result of the Special Vestry motion. Looking into the future of St. Clement’s, your participation builds our spiritual community.



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