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The Wonder of Creation

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Part 2 of the Creation Care series. Click here for Part 1, here for Part 3, and here for Part 4.

"Nature is the second scripture in which we perceive God,” said the Abbot of St. Gallen who lived between 763 - 836AD.

The complexity, interdependence and beauty of nature is a marvel. As humankind gradually unravelled some its mysteries, we broke it down into its tiniest particles and began to understand its intricate building blocks at different scales - from photons, atoms, molecules, cells, microbes, plants, animals, ecosystems to earth’s macro systems and their relationship with the universe.

This creation is astounding in its pieces but even more remarkable in its relationships between the pieces.

More recently we have come to understand the interdependence and communication within these parts – and the seemingly infinite and spontaneous intelligence that connects it in unseen ways. Mycorrhizae fungi communicate with trees and trees with each other. People’s mental and physical health is improved by simply spending time in a forest. Just as we may be blessed with glimpses of God through prayer or meditation, we connect to His presence in nature. The scope and scale of His intelligence and connectivity as manifested in nature is nothing short of breathtaking and orders of magnitude beyond what we can imagine.

Creation Care scripture attests that we are part of God’s creation. God’s love extends to all creation. To love God, we must also love and serve His creation. Jesus came to Redeem the world not just its people. He invites us to receive God’s all-powerful love, and work toward living heaven on earth by communing with the Holy Spirit.

These messages speak about accessing the unimaginable love and universal intelligence that is beyond conception by humans. As seen through the intricacies and relationships within creation, this being is simultaneous and parallel, immediate, multidirectional and abundant.

The seemingly infinite intelligence and relationships in nature are representative of the higher state of consciousness that is manifest in all but is illusive if we do not enable it to access our inner core.

The practice of Creation Care opens a pathway to accessing this same infinite intelligence and love of God that we witness in unimaginable abundance in nature.

The theology of creation care is grounded in the message of the Father/Creator of the Old Testament, renewed by the Son/Redeemer of the New Testament and embodied in the sustaining Holy spirit. It brings “life” into the centre of the story of the Creator, Redeemer and Holy Spirit. It also brings to “life” the Holy Trinity - making the concept of the one infinitely loving and intelligent God richer in meaning, arrestingly visible through the magnificence of God’s creation, and coherent - as one unifying God, ever present and available for the asking to all creation.

Click here or scan the QR Code for a short video and song that attempts to capture the wonder Creation and God’s relationship with it.

Roger Dickhout

Creation Care


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