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The Adventures of Flat Jesus

What in the world is “the Adventures of Flat Jesus”?

“Flat Jesus” was created from the basis of a children’s book called Flat Stanley (written by Jeff Brown). In the book, a boy named Stanley becomes flattened and is able to be mailed to different places, having all kinds of exciting adventures.

We see the “Flat Jesus” project as a way to keep our church family connected during the summer months when many are out of town.

Colour “Flat Jesus” and take him with you on your summer activities...or you could create some scenes for Jesus too Take a picture of him doing lots of different things: eating dinner with the family, watching a movie, having fun at the beach, hanging out with your siblings or whatever you are doing.

It will be an amazing adventure! It is a great way to remember that Jesus is always with us, wherever we go, and with whatever we do. It just might start up a conversation with someone about what you are doing and why.


1. Print out the template (on heavy cardstock, if possible) by clicking here.

2. Decorate your “Flat Jesus.” Be creative!

3. When you have taken photos of “Flat Jesus,” you can upload your “Flat Jesus” picture by emailing it to or tagging @stclementsto on Social Media!

It will be so exciting to see what our church family members are doing during this time. And remember, Jesus is with you ALWAYS!

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