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Sustainable Operations

Updated: 6 days ago

Making good stewardship decisions for St. Clement’s that make sense now, and for future generations, is key to sustainability. While respecting our heritage, Sustainable Operations for St. Clement’s furthers our growth and helps to build community. With your deep generosity, key investments in stewardship, partnerships and leadership will make transformation in our pillars of ministry achievable. Here we share the details of our Sustainable Operations initiative and how your support will allow us to continue sharing God’s love within our community for years to come.


Establish a Capital Fund and Repay Internal Debt: $1,525,000

As part of this amount, $525,000 has been allocated for the repayment of internal debt. In addition, a contingency fund will be created of 10% of capital items for expense variances. A fund for building emergencies and ongoing capital requirements will also be established.

Partner with the Early Learning School: $510,000

Our largest tenant at St. Clement’s is the Early Learning School. We sustain and renew this relationship with repairs and upgrades of their space. This includes fixing leaks, flooring and plumbing, installing a dedicated washing-up kitchen, and improving safety for the children in their care.

House our Clergy Justly: $150,000

Housing for our clergy is a supportive structure for living safely and comfortably. The houses on St. Clement’s Avenue are in need of maintenance and repairs. And housing allowances provided for our clergy will be increased to keep pace with inflation and the home values in Toronto. 


Our Giving for Growth campaign volunteers look forward to connecting with you about the Sustainable Operations initiative as well as several others. Your gift to our campaign will shape the future of St. Clement's with faith, generosity, and a shared commitment to our community. We thank you for your charitable giving, which will invest in our great opportunities of growth. 



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