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Reaching Out

The bold call of God invites us to serve the world God loves. Our Giving for Growth campaign, responds to many of the needs of our community. As we share our time, talent and financial support, we join the fruitful plans that God has made for us. Here we share the details of our Reaching Out initiative, and how your support will ensure us to continue sharing God’s love within our community.

Reaching Out: $375,000 


 Our Wednesday Lunch Program and Canon Nicholson kitchen are high-priority and significant goals within our Reaching Out initiative. 


Wednesday Lunch Program: $25,000

Our Wednesday Lunch Program is a beacon of hope in a chaotic world. With over 20 years of giving our guests a safe space and healthy meals, St. Clement’s  continues to share our home and form a community among our volunteers and guests. We will invest in enhancing our ability to assist our community members seeking support.

Upgrade Canon Nicholson Kitchen: $200,000

The CNH kitchen is used extensively for parish events and ministry programs including the Wednesday Lunch program and the wider community for meetings and receptions. It is in need of essential renovations and upgrades to the equipment, layout and mechanic services. This will result in better efficiency and broader use for both church and community focused programs.


Audio Visual Production Coordinator: $150,000

Almost 50% of our worship engagement now happens online. Since this is a key mode for reaching out to many, we will be hiring a part-time Audio Visual Production Coordinator over a five-year period who will influence the optimum development of the overall online experience.


Our Giving for Growth campaign volunteers look forward to connecting with you about the Reaching Out initiative as well as many others. Your gift to our campaign will shape the future of St. Clements  with faith, generosity, and a shared commitment to our community. We thank you for your charitable giving, which will invest in our great opportunities of growth.



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