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Partnering with the Diocese to“Cast the Net”


God calls us to do things in a new way. The gospel story of Jesus asking those to cast their net to the opposite side of the boat (John 21) tells us how we can do things with a positive and different approach. The disciples continued fishing in their usual old way, but after a long overnight attempt, they caught nothing. When Jesus met up with them, he suggested that they cast the net on the opposite, right side of the boat. Their net became filled with so many fish, it was next to impossible to haul it in.

St. Clement’s is part of the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, which is presently engaged in a period of prayerful study and reflection on Cast the Net calls to action. Bishop Andrew Asbil has invited every parish in our diocese to participate in Cast the Net by considering which areas resonate most deeply with us. This can be because we are either already engaged in these areas or because we feel that the Holy Spirit is prompting us to explore a new era in the future of our church through faith and action.

We are proud to participate in the Cast the Net initiative with upcoming plans to engage in an inspiring and spiritual way, beginning in the Fall of 2024.


Our financial participation in Cast the Net will help the Diocese engage in these four main program areas:

· Strengthening Local Parishes

· Reimagining Ministry

· Renewing Spirituality

· Inspiring Faith to Action

All of this, and more, will serve in sharing God’s love in diverse ways, both here at St. Clement’s and all across the diocese. We are a shared network of people learning to follow Jesus Christ!

As part of the Cast the Net initiative, our Diocese awarded St. Clement’s a one-year Cast and Learn grant to hire our Digital Pastor, Michael Buttrey. This new role builds on the digital innovation which enabled our parish to serve online during the pandemic and moving forward. As the Diocese prepares for God’s future, we work towards being who God is calling us to be.

Our Giving for Growth campaign volunteers look forward to connecting with you. We are anchored in hope and committed to building a spirited and influential community in St. Clement’s. With your deep generosity, investments in this initiative will build a multi-generational community through Christ-centred attainable goals.




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