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Once we have exceeded our goal

Building a multi-generational, Christ-centred community for life: $945,000

With your generous gifts, our future in Giving for Growth may propel us past our goal of $5 million. We will invest these additional resources towards restoring our stained glass, enhancing gathering spaces and outreach services. The future of St. Clement’s is shaped by us as we commit through our faith and generosity to our community.

Restoring our stained glass windows: $625,000

Our superb collection of stained glass windows are memorials, with their appeal based on scripture connected to our Christian faith. Over a period of many years, they have become in need of restoration and conservation of heritage.

“While stained glass looks solid, it isn’t. Chemically, it is an amorphous solid that does change shape by warping into buckles or bowing over time as a result of environmental conditions—extreme temperatures, sunlight, humidity, and cold weather.   Because of alternating expansion and contraction, stained glass window frames also require repair to preserve the windows as cultural, biblical, and familial legacies of St. Clement’s community.  The need is urgent.  The time is now.” -  Donald E. Holmes, Archivist

This window, The Resurrection, installed in 1968 by Yvonne Williams, has stood the test of time for 56 years but now shows both buckling and bowing (aka cupping) in the glass especially in the left and centre panels. It is signed by Williams under the word “Memory” although partly covered by lead caning.


Further enhance gathering spaces: $225,000

Our gathering spaces are in need of essential renovation and restoration to keep our connections with our vibrant and diverse community. Canon Nicholson Hall will be updated to enhance the space for broader use of both church and community-focused programs. These include the Wednesday Lunch program, OMG Tuesdays, our Children’s Ministry, community renters, and the Canadian Children’s Opera Company (CCOC), among others.

"At the CCOC, choristers learn to build confidence through artistic storytelling. The space of CNH is essential to them. The stage is used by our younger choristers to rehearse in the environment in which they will perform, and the larger hall mimics the bigger stage (we actually measure and put spike tape on the floor), for the entire company when it's time to build our mainstage opera." - Sally Sparrow, Program Manager, CCOC

Expand Outreach services: $95,000

A part-time Outreach worker, over a 5-year period, will help guide our Wednesday Lunch community members to essential services. This dedicated resource will provide an additional point of access and information for community members in an environment where they already feel welcomed, safe and connected, thanks to the dedication of our incredible volunteers.

Our Giving for Growth campaign volunteers look forward to connecting with you. We are anchored in hope and committed to building a spirited and influential community at St. Clement’s. With your deep generosity, investments in this initiative will build a multi-generational community through Christ-centred attainable goals, now and into our future.




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