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Lenten Giving: Week 4 — Homelessness and Housing

The struggle for many Torontonians to find safe and secure housing is increasing with more than 9000 people experiencing homelessness.

As St. Clement’s has identified addressing homelessness as a priority, we continue to advocate with government to address this desperate situation while supporting community housing organizations. We have begun to support Neighbourhood Land Trust (NLT) is focused on acquiring community-owned affordable housing. Based in the city’s west-end, NLT along with PNLT provides high quality housing through partnering with the community and social housing providers.

LOFT provides permanent housing, community outreach and support housing services to youth, adults, and seniors with all manner of physical and mental challenges.

Matthew House is a welcoming community that offers temporary shelter and support services for refugees as they arrive in Toronto. Visit to read the unique stories of their residents.



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