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Join us to continue our Start the Conversation series! 

Updated: Jan 19

Join us January 30th from 1pm-2:30pm: What matters most?  In this session, we will reflect on a few key end-of-life considerations in light of our Christian faith: what core values will guide our decision making, whom we could invite to support us in our journey, and how we might describe what’s most important to us.  Our hope is to begin to name–for ourselves, and with our loved ones–what matters most, so that we might more thoughtfully and faithfully navigate life’s threshold moments together.

Join us February 27th from 2:30pm- 4pm:

What do we need to do?  In this session, we will look at some practical next steps, in light of the core values, people and priorities we’ve already named.  We will introduce some planning resources commonly used in Ontario, in order to identify your questions and lay the groundwork for further conversations, with both your loved ones and your health care providers.  We will also consider the importance of Christian community: how we might journey together in navigating life’s threshold moments.       

Each of these sessions will take place in-person in the Briar Hill Room at St Clement's. 

Please register for our January 30th session by clicking here.

Registration for the February session to follow. 



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