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Introducing our Audio Visual Production Coordinator 

Since almost 50% of our worship engagement now happens online, we knew that the part-time Audio Visual Production Coordinator role needed to be one of the first priorities that was rolled out from our Giving for Growth Campaign. Thanks to your incredible support of the campaign thus far and the support given at the special Vestry meeting on May 26th we are pleased to share with you that Kelsley Campbell has been hired as our Audio Visual Production Coordinator.  

Many of you already know Kelsley. He has been working with St. Clement’s since 2020 and has been instrumental in getting our online worship up and running. Any given Sunday, you’ll find Kelsley up in the A/V booth working with our dedicated team of volunteers. What’s new is this is now Kelsley’s dedicated role at St. Clement’s, one he’s excited to dig deeper into. 

“When you see me, I’ll usually have my headphones on! I’m happy to continue to keep bringing our incredible services to so many from all over.” Kelsley Campbell 

Over the coming months Kelsley will be looking to build-out and train our volunteer A/V team, fine-tune our live streaming experience, and use his technical knowledge to help maintain and update our audio, video, streaming and lighting components of the worship experience.  




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