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Engagement through Christian Education


In a complex world, our engagement through Christian Education calls us to reflect the teachings of Jesus in the broad community around us. Growing and learning in faith provides us with discipleship in both our hearts and minds. St. Clement’s is committed to providing Christian Education for all of us – from children and youth, to our young adults, and everyone beyond.


Through Giving for Growth, we are focused on expanding this ministry for both children and youth and reaching out to young adults. 


Expanding Christian Education Ministry for Children and Youth: $75,000

For ‘tweens’, ages 11 to 13 – we will invest in both staff and volunteer training, partnerships and programming, which is currently lacking. We will also target support for special needs and multi-faith families.

Here is a quote from Astrit Fernandez, the mother of two ‘tween’ sons:

I think it is crucial to bring the spiritual guide and to learn to follow Jesus in the early stages of our life. For my kids, it is a very pleasant experience. They feel part of the community, they find a safe environment where they can raise questions and they sometimes volunteer to help during coffee time. St. Clement’s makes us feel like a family.

Reaching out to our Young Adults: $225,000

Fostering faith for young adults in their 20’s and 30’s, who make up a large demographic of our neighbourhood, will be met through a dedicated part-time pastoral role. This will include focused programming, mentorship and pastoral care, creating a welcoming and supportive environment where they may explore and deepen their faith.

Here is a quote from one of our young adults, David McIntosh:

“With all of the social and technological distractions, we as young adults can find ourselves immersed and often lost in. Every Sunday, St. Clement’s has provided a space for reflection, rejuvenation and realignment for me. The growth to expand among the community of young adults will be beneficial to us as we continue to journey in our search for stability, community and connection.”

Our Giving for Growth campaign volunteers look forward to connecting with you about the Engagement through Christian Education initiative as well as others. We are anchored in hope and committed to building a spirited and influential community in St. Clement’s. With your deep generosity, investments in our Christian Education ministry will make transformation achievable for both our children and youth, and our young adults for years to come.




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