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Deepening Relationships with One Another

Updated: Jun 3

Our future in the Giving for Growth campaign gives us the ongoing presence of God, anchored in hope. God will guide us in building St. Clement’s to be the place where we enhance and grow each of our pillars of ministry. The following two initiatives, which are part of the Deepening Relationships with One Another pillar, will help to build a multi-generational, Christ-centred community for life, with your support.

Grow Supports for Ministry: $240,000

Part of what we do as we learn to follow Jesus is to name and respond to the needs we see around us. At St. Clement’s we need to address these needs, both in our parish and in the wider community. Our ambition is to respond in creative and meaningful ways, providing opportunities to deepen our faith and our connections with one another. Having a good partnership between clergy, staff and volunteers will do this well. To help meet these needs, we will be investing in a part-time Ministry and Community Coordinator as a key resource. This role will provide essential support across both the Education and Deepening Relationships pillars of ministry. This will be done by providing administrative and coordination support, enabling volunteers to participate in ministry opportunities in the ways that work best for them. We’re thrilled to explore how this additional support will allow St. Clement’s to branch out and flourish!

Enhance Gathering spaces $20,000

Our Briar Hill room and kitchen have been both frequent and well-used gathering spaces for meetings, fellowship and community events. Included with many of the gatherings and functions are funeral receptions, school events and receptions for both the Early Learning School and the St. Clement’s School, Small Group meetings, OMG Tuesdays, Getting Connected and Coffee Time after each of our Sunday services. This is just to name a few! The Briar Hill kitchen is very much in need of upgrades, including a working dishwasher. The main Briar Hill room needs to be refreshed, including the acoustic challenges of this space. Restoring and refurbishing these spaces for both church and community-related initiatives will keep them in great shape for ongoing connection, now and for our future.

Our Giving for Growth campaign volunteers look forward to connecting with you about the Deepening Relationships with One Another initiative as well as others. We are anchored in hope and committed to building a spirited and influential community in St. Clement’s. With your deep generosity, investments in this initiative will build a multi-generational community through Christ-centred attainable goals. 




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