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Amplifying the Worship Experience & Online Survey Results!

As part of our Giving for Growth campaign, we are investing in amplifying the worship experience, both online and in-person. These investments include hiring an A/V Production Coordinator, securing additional microphones and A/V equipment, repairing the organ, and expanding our 9:30 am music program.

We’ll also continue to expand digital ministry, beginning with our one-year Diocesan grant to hire our Digital Pastor, Michael Buttrey. In February, Michael conducted an online survey circulated among the St. Clement’s community. We received more than 100 responses and here are some of the highlights:


  • Half of those who responded attend in person “about once a week”

  • Half engage a St. Clement’s service online at least once a month

  • The 9:30 and 11 am services are equally popular

  • 76% agree or strongly agree that they feel connected to the St. Clement’s community

  • 65% are age 65 or older

  • 63% are in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area

  • 87% describe themselves as a practicing Christian, 21% as spiritual searching, and 17% as curious about faith. 


Some of the most common words used to describe the St. Clement’s live stream are:



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